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Premium Building Blocks Set
Premium Building Blocks Set
Premium Building Blocks Set
Premium Building Blocks Set
Premium Building Blocks Set
Premium Building Blocks Set
Premium Building Blocks Set

Premium Building Blocks Set

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The large creative bricks box offers children the opportunity to explore their creative side. This collection of bricks is all that a small builder needs to enjoy the construction, no matter how old he is.
The abundant construction options offered and included in this set will keep your little one entertained for hours.

Suggest a fun idea to start your imagination, like an underwater adventure or a day in a castle, and be amazed by the ingenious creations it builds.

No matter how you do it: this set gives wings to any imagination. Now your kids have the opportunity to play with the pieces of construction of your childhood that you liked so much.

Benefits of the building blocks:

Spatial awareness:
When playing with the building blocks you also play with the space, that is, you place the pieces so that you have to do a very good distribution of space and shapes to achieve the figure you want to build. This will help you to have better awareness of space and sizes.

Mathematical knowledge:
Although you clearly do not perform complex mathematical operations to build a figure, you do put this skill into practice with the building blocks, since sometimes you have to split an armed piece to build another one. You may also need to count the number of pieces so that your creation has an equal size. That is, you also develop the notion of symmetry and distributions.

Reasoning skills:
You can also improve your ability to solve problems, because if halfway you notice that what you build is not staying just as you expected, you will find the need to find a way to solve the situation. This will also teach you to be a better planner, because if you have already thought about what you want to put together, you will have to plan first the steps to follow to reach the structure that you imagined and thus avoid having to return or disarm what you have to solve some detail not contemplated.

Increase in concentration:
Although it is only a game, there are many lovers of building blocks that are deeply concentrated when they want to build some structure. In fact, there are sets for adults that, obviously, are much more complex than those designed for children, and really require a lot of concentration to achieve them. So if you are a little distracted, these small pieces are a good option to exercise your concentration and develop other skills at the same time.

Security before the challenges:
When you propose to build a complex figure with the building blocks, you are challenging yourself, and this can help you even in your personal security and trust more in your abilities. If you recognize that you are capable of setting a goal and fulfilling it, it will be easier for you to understand and assimilate the challenges that life may present to you.

The possibility of everything you can build with the building blocks is infinite, from shapes of objects such as buildings, animals, to figures that you invent. You have the opportunity to do all kinds of figures, including, according to Forbes magazine, is studying the possibility of creating prostheses for amputees with pieces of building blocks, so they will be doing the test with some children to study if familiarize with this option.

UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention,we´re running extremely low on these,so hurry and order yours before the are all gone.

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